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Society Rules

Rules of the Irish Moiled Cattle Society

Note: The ‘Herd Book’ is now a computerised system (supplied by Grassroots)

1 Birth Notification of all calves must be returned to the Breed Secretary, ideally by the time they are thirty days old.  There is no fee for birth notification.

2 All calves now have to be parentage proven prior to registration and entry in the ‘Herd Book’. See Appendix 2 – Procedure for DNA Profiling and Parent Proving.

3 DNA samples will only be processed and sent to the approved Laboratory if accompanied by the correct payment.  See Appendix 1 – Fees

4 Any member can request that an animal be DNA profiled, however, only the breeder of an animal can request that it be parentage proven.

5 The Board of the Society reserves the right to require a DNA Parentage test of any animal or animals.  In cases where such a test shows that a stated pedigree notification is incorrect, registration may be cancelled, or the animal assigned to a grade status.  

6 Qualification for entry in the Grading Up Register –

Grade A - Female progeny of a Grade B cow fully sired by a fully registered bull will be eligible for Grade A registration.

Grade B - Female progeny of a Grade C cow sired by a fully registered bull will be eligible for Grade B registration.

Grade C - Female progeny of an approved foundation cow or heifer (red or red and white and naturally polled), by a fully registered bull will be eligible for Grade C registration.

7 As from 1st January 1989 the Grade C Register was closed, i.e. No grading up of calves from females less than 50% Moiled will be permitted.

8 No male progeny of grading up females will be eligible for registration.  This includes male off spring of Grade A females. If required male animals may be Parentage Proven but not registered. (They are shown in the Herd book with a BN number followed by PP).

9 No horned, dehorned or scurred cattle shall be eligible for entry in the Herd Book or Grading Up Register.  Animals showing scurs, whether fixed or moveable, or traces of scurs will not be accepted for entry into the Herd Book and if entered unknowingly may be removed from the Herd Book on the instructions of the Board of the Society.

10 All animals submitted for registration must be of the correct breed type.
See Appendix 3 - Breed Standard.

11 Breeders are requested to notify the Breed Secretary of any obvious genetic defects or serious deviations from the breed type which may arise.

12 Any animal which is not to be registered for any reason should be made known to the Breed Secretary either by placing a ‘no’ in the ‘Registration’ column on the Birth Notification card or clearly highlighted on the Multiple Birth Notification Sheet (available on website) at time of birth notification.
13 All replacement ear tag numbers should be notified to the Breed Secretary immediately.

14 Any registration can be cancelled by the Breed Secretary at the request of the registered owner in writing.  A cancelled pedigree will only be restored by the Board of Directors following a full review of the circumstances which led to the pedigree being cancelled.

15 When an animal is sold/transferred no transfer fee is payable to the Society by either vendor or the purchaser.  The Breed Secretary must be notified of all sales/transfers so that they can be transferred in the Herd Book.

16 Only fully paid up members are eligible to register animals in the Society’s Herd Book.

17 Embryo Transfer is permitted by the Society.
See Appendix 4 – Rules relating to Embryo Transfer.

18 It is compulsory for new member applicants to complete the Society’s Membership Form and forward it to the Breed Secretary enclosing the correct fees for the prefix and/or membership.  Membership is not final until approved by the Board of Directors and the prospective members notified of the decision in writing.
           (Procedures for approval will take place at the end of each month).
See Appendix 1 – Fees

19 In order to comply with the Commission Decision 84/247/EEC, the Irish Moiled Cattle Society declares that there will be no discrimination between members on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, religion and age.

20 In order to comply with the Zootechnical Regulation (EU) 2016/1012, the Irish Moiled Cattle Society declares that we have adopted rules of procedure, please see Appendix 6. This outlines our written rules to cover (i) regulating the settlement of disputes with breeders participating in their breeding programmes; (ii) ensuring equal treatment of breeders participating in their breeding programmes; (iii) setting out the rights and obligations of breeders participating in their breeding programmes and of the breed society or breeding operation; (iv) setting out the rights and obligations of member breeders where membership of breeders is provided for.

Last revised: -   Board Meeting 21.09.19 (GS)

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