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Photo Comp 2015


Photographic Competition Results 2015

The Society's annual photographic competiton once again received some excellent entries. The aim of the competiton is to allow all members of the society, no matter where you are a chance to show off your stock and promote your herd.

This years judging duties where tasked to Mark Logan, the society's Honorary Registrar and no stranger to judging animals in the show ring and the results where as follows....

Overall Champion Donardgrange Superstar a Junior Bull belonging to Derek Steen, Lockerbie
Reserve Champion, Maiden heifer Knowehead Holly bred by Valerie Orr, Co Down.

Class1: Heifer calf
1st Ravelglen Emerald – Brian O’Kane
2nd Knowehead Berry – Valerie Orr
3rd Knowehead Blossom – Valerie Orr
4th Curraghnakeely Daisy – Nigel Edwards

Class 2: Maiden Heifer
1st Knowehead Holly – Valerie Orr
2nd Curraghnakeely Tansy 9 – Reggie Annett
3rd Curraghnakeely Pandora 7 – Michelle McCauley
4th Glassdrummond Cherry 74 – Sam Smiley

Class 3: Incalf heifer
1st Curraghnakeely Sylvia – Michelle McCauley
2nd Curraghnakeely Pandora 3 – Reggie Annett
3rd Ravelglen Shelley – Brian O’Kane
4th Curraghnakeely Tansy – Michelle McCauley

Class 4: Junior cow
1st Glassdrummond Daisy 14 – Nigel Edwards
2nd Springfield Icicle 2 – Nigel Edwards
3rd Glassdrummond Blossom – Sam Smiley
4th Dungallia Cora – Seamus Holmes

Class 5: Senior Cow
1st Prestwood Grace – Nigel Edwards
2nd Glassdrummond Cherry 32 – Sam Smiley
3rd Roes Hall Lizzy – Nigel Edwards
4th Knowehead Lily – Valerie Orr

Class 6: Bull Calf
1st Curraghnakeely Peter – Nigel Edwards
2nd Ravelglen Cal – Brian O’Kane
3rd Ravelglen Patrick – Brian O’Kane

Class 7: Junior Bull      
1st Donagrdgrange Superstar – Derek Steen
2nd Curraghnakeely Mr G – Michelle McCauley & Nigel Edwards
3rd Knowehead Reuben – William Edwards
4th Ballylinney Lochlan 4 – William Edwards

Class 8: Senior Bull     
1st Curraghnakeely Simply the Best – Valerie Orr    
2nd Glassdrummond Victor – Nigel Edwards
3rd Hillview Tom – Sam Smiley
4th Glenmaquin Blossom 4 – Brian O’Kane

Class 9: Novelty Photo    
1st Moilies Bred to Breed    - Nigel Edwards
2nd Strip Grazing     - Michelle McCauley
3rd Its not the end of the road for the Irish Moiled - Nigel Edwards
4th Moilies in the Majestic Mournes   - Michelle McCauley

Champion -  Donardgrange Superstar – Derek Steen
Reserve Champion – Knowehead Holly – Valerie Orr

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