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Photo comp 2011


Irish Moiled Cattle Society Photographic Competition 2011.

MSD Animal Health Rejuvenate the Irish Moiled's

The Irish Moiled Cattle Society recently held its annual photographic competition. The competition was started 6 years ago as an opportunity for breeders who do not get a chance to attend shows to showcase their animals. This year the competition was rejuvenated through sponsorship from MSD Animal Health with a record 76 entries being received.

Our judges this year were Mr and Mrs Ian and Joan Simpson from Glenavy, Co Antrim. Ian and Joan are well known breeders of Irish Moiled and Dexter cattle. Ian has been a long standing director of the Society and has fulfilled many positions including Company Secretary until the announcement of his retirement earlier this year.

It was certainly not an easy task for the judges with 6 classes in total. The quality of the photograph would have been an important factor in the judging process. A good full side on view was deemed the best angle to judge the animals from. There were 6 classes in total; Heifer Calf - born after 1/1/11, Heifer - born before 1/1/11, Cow - 1st or 2nd calver, Cow - having had at least 3 calves, Junior Bull - born after 1/1/10 and Senior Bull - born before 1/1/10.



Class 1,  Cow 1st or 2nd Calver.
1st Vincent Arthur , "Glenfield Cherry"  
2nd  Sam Smiley, "Glassdrummond Tulip 5"
3rd, Valerie Orr, "Knowehead Lily"

Class 2,   Senior Bull born before 1/1/10.
1st Sam Smiley, "Hillview Tom"
2nd, Chris Kelly, "Damhead McCabe"
3rd Philip Mellor, "Prestwood Ardapu"

Class 3,   Junior Bull born after 1/1/10
1st Nigel Edwards, "Pennilea Palmer"
2nd Nigel Edwards, "Curraghnakeely Defender"
3rd Nigel Edwards, "Macmann Apple"

Class 4, Cow - having had at least 3 calves
1st Nigel Edwards, "Pennilea Pearl"
2nd Sam Smiley, "Glassdrummond Cherry 20th"
3rd Sam Smiley, "Glassdrummond Damson 3rd"

Class 5 Heifer Calf - born after 1/1/11.
1st Sam Smiley, " Glassdrummond Ivy 11th"
2nd Nigel Edwards, "Curraghnakeely Clematis"
3rd Valerie Orr, "Knowehead Jill"

Class 6 Heifer - born before 1/1/11
1st Philip Mellor, "Dilhorne Snowstorm"
2nd Philip Mellor, "Templeson Tickle"
3rd Sam Smiley, "Glassdrummond Cherry 39th"

Nigel Edwards, "Pennilea Pearl"

Reserve Champion
Sam Smiley, "Glassdrummond Ivy 11th"

The Irish Moiled Cattle Society would like to thank Ian and Joan for their hard work judging this competition and for everything they have done for the society over the years.

The Society would also like to thank MSD Animal Health for their generous sponsorship of the competition helping to make it a great success.

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