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Irish Moilie Beef

The Irish Moilie Story


A Distinctive Pedigree
You can never miss a pedigree Moilie with its characteristic colouring. Typified by red ears and nose and white stripe along the back, the Moilie is as unique in features as our premium beef is in taste.


Rich In Heritage
The origins of the Irish Moilie are surrounded by Irish myths and legends.
It is believed that the Vikings raided Moilie  cattle from Ireland and today in Scandinavia you can find distant cousins of our Irish Moilie cow.


Moilies were popular throughout Ireland in the 1800’s, but it was in the province of  Ulster that they thrived. The Moilie is Ulster’s original and only native cattle breed.  Sadly numbers declined as other cattle breeds were imported and in 1979 there were only 30 Moilies left. However, the dedication of breeders and their commitment to pedigree breeding ensure that the Irish Moilie remains part of our proud agricultural story.


Expert Finishing
The Irish Moilie is finished on 100% grass in an ethical environment. This pedigree breed requires a little longer to mature compared to other breeds.  It is this slow-maturing process which results in rich marbling that gives Moilie beef it’s succulent flavour.


A Taste Perfection
The magic is in the marbling, resulting from our slow-maturing processes. Our melt-in-the-mouth Moilie beef requires no rich sauces. Served with a sprinkle of salt this velvety, buttery beef is good enough to be enjoyed on its own.

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