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Appendix 5 - The Registration Process

Appendix 5 - The Registration Process

The below process will be used in publications and on the website until such times as it is revised by the Society’s Board.

All calves that are to be registered should at least be birth notified ideally by the time they are 30 days of age. There is no charge for a birth notification.

Cattle supplied to any Irish Moiled Beef Scheme must be birth notified in order to qualify.

You can send a completed birth card or email the details. The name, ear tag number, date of birth, sire and dam are required.

On receipt of this information the breeder will be sent a birth certificate which should be checked for errors by the breeder especially ear tag number.

All calves born after 1st January 2009 have to be parentage proven prior to registration. To achieve this, a hair sample is required from the calf and, where not already profiled, the dam as well. During 2009 and 2010 we have made exceptions where the dam is dead and not DNA profiled however as from the 1st January 2011 only calves that can be parentage proven will be accepted for registration.

It is strongly advised that a hair sample is collected from any female or male in your herd that has not been profiled. This sample can be stored until needed.

All registrations should be completed by the time the calf is a year old. If all your adult cattle have been DNA profiled then you can take the hair sample your self. If not then have your vet collect samples at your annual herd test or some other convenient occasion. Or find a willing Director!

On the hair sample label complete the calf and parentage details. If there is more than one possible sire then give names of all possibilities. Please leave the AHT Ref No blank. This is not the animals herd book number but a number allocated by the testing lab. Animal Health Trust.

Please send the fees with the hair sample. The cost is £10/€12 registration (male and female under one year old) plus £25/€33 per hair sample.

When the DNA profiling is completed you will receive a pedigree certificate which will include the DNA conformation and Ref number.

If you require birth notification cards or DNA sample bags and labels contact the Breed Secretary by phone, email or letter. These are provided free of charge on request.

Last revised: - Board Meeting 21.02.2011 (Corrected 9/3/15 GS)

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