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Appendix 4 - Embryo Transfer

Appendix 4 - Embryo Transfer

“Multiplication of Irish Moiled cattle by Embryo Transfer should be carried out within the best interests of the breed.”

1. Embryo Transfer is seen as a useful procedure to multiply superior animals, and/or to preserve particular female lines, thereby benefiting the breed as a whole.

2. The Society will control the number of calves registered in the Herd Book which are got by Embryo Transfer.  All calves got by Embryo Transfer will carry the designation (ET) in the Herd Book.

3. The Society requires members intending to use Embryo Transfer to apply to the Board for permission stating their intentions.

(i) In an emergency, where eggs have been collected by ‘after death ovum recovery’ at slaughter, the society will accept a retrospective application for consideration.

(ii) Where eggs have been recovered and frozen for subsequent use, application as in paragraph 3 above, should be made prior to fertilization.

4. The Society will only consider ‘Full Pedigree’ females as suitable donors.

5. Each female with authorised permission will have a limit of 15 calves that are allowed to be registered that are got by Embryo Transfer without further approval from the board.

6.  Before a calf produced by Embryo Transfer can be registered it must be Parentage Proven. (Normal Protocol)

7. Normal registration fees apply. Registration fees will be published from time to time by the Society.

Last revised: -   Board Meeting 16.05.15 (GS)

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