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Appendix 2 - DNA Profiling and Parent Proving

Appendix 2 – DNA Profiling and Parent Proving

1 All calves now have to be parentage proven, prior to registration.

2 Blood, hair and semen can be used for DNA profiling.  The Society proposes, except in exceptional circumstances and then only with prior permission, to use hair as the source for DNA.

3 In order to Parentage Prove an animal, DNA samples of both parents and the animal itself must be tested.  The costs of a test will be borne by the owner and paid to the Society.  The tests will be carried out on behalf of the Society by a Laboratory approved by the Board.  (at present Animal Health Trust)

Protocol for Collecting Samples

Samples must be collected and identified by either a veterinary surgeon or a person authorised by the Society (In the first instance all Board Members of the Society are deemed to be duly authoried), unless all the females in the herd are DNA profiled, in which case the sample may collected by the breeder.

Clean hair should be plucked from the top or switch of the tail or the back of the animal and placed in a sterile plastic bag

Pluck (DO NOT CUT) 20 or so hairs, look closely at the ends to check for root bulbs.  Place the hairs, root end first, without touching the root, in the bag and seal.
They must include the root bulbs (follicles) which contain the DNA.

Write the name, ear tag number, date of birth, sire and dam details and the appropriate signature on the label of the bag.  Make sure your hands are clean and dry, without foreign matter.

Send the sample to the Breed Secretary accompanied by the correct fee.  If sampling more than one animal, be sure to wash hands before taking the next sample.

Last revised: -   Board Meeting 21.02.2011

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